Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Build a Backyard Theater

or more accurately,
How I Built MY Backyard Theater - a work forever in progress



Apart from wanting to spend time with three of the sweetest grandchildren on earth,
I built my backyard theater with three conditions in mind:

1) The theater had to disappear completely at the end of the evening.
2) The sound had to be loud enough to enhance the car crashes and chase scenes, but not so loud as to prompt a visit from the city police.
3) As I began to age, the set-up, take down, and storage had to get quicker and easier. Aesthetics and quality were important, but convenience would trump both.

For the most part, what you will read here is a tale of development. I had all the necessary pieces of equipment at the start of Season One, but like many hobbies, creating a backyard theater can become a bit of an obsession. To read how the various stages of my backyard theater developed, click on a topic or subtopic listed above. You might want to start with THE BASICS.

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